How Much Do CAT Scans Really Cost?

CAT scan

The CAT scan is an invaluable tool for diagnosing stokes, monitoring both cancerous and non-cancerous growths, pinpointing the exact location of blood clots in the lungs, and detecting herniated discs, among many other procedures. As many as 80 million CAT scans are performed annually in the United States, and that number should continue increasing if […]

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What Can I Expect From a Colonoscopy?


There are a number of different colon cancer screenings – including the flexible sigmoidoscopy and the x-ray barium enema – that can detect cancerous lesions and polyps, but there are a few reasons why the colonoscopy is the most common of these procedures. First, it looks at the entirety of the colon and rectum vs. […]

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The Price of an MRI

MRI Cost

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a valuable tool that helps physicians diagnose a variety of conditions by providing quality snapshots of internal organs and other bodily structures. Like other forms of diagnostic imaging (X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.), MRIs have seen a surge in usage over the past decade, and, as MRIs have become more commonly used in diagnostics, patients have seen a rise in costs. As the MRI becomes more routine, a talk of costs becomes more topical. Before you schedule your future MRI, it’s important to consider the following.

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Top Five Reasons to Visit a Urologist


Urology is the specialty of medicine that focuses on the urinary tract—the bladder, kidney, urethra, and associated organs—and the male reproductive organs like the testes, prostate and penis. Because urologists specialize in male sexual organs—among other things—it’s a common misconception that the specialty is simply the male counterpart to a gynecologist. However, this is a false […]

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Why You Need a Regular Eye Exam

Eye Exam

August is National Eye Exam Month, and whether you’re preparing to send your kids back to school or just going about your normal end-of-summer business, it’s a good time to think about your eye health. While there are different schools of thought fromophthalmologists and optometrists on how often you should get an eye exam, it’s clear that regular […]

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What Makes HealthCost Different?


Although healthcare price transparency networks aren’t unique in and of themselves, HealthCost is the only network offering actual costs. In this 90-second clip, our founding partner, Bill Moore, discusses the HealthCost difference and how it empowers healthcare providers and consumers to take control of their costs. Footage courtesy of Health Datapalooza 2017.

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What’s the Difference Between an Optometrist and Ophthalmologist?


August is National Eye Exam Month and Cataracts Awareness Month. It’s a great reminder to take a moment to schedule an appointment for an important regular eye exam. But who should you see? In the realm of eye health, there are two primary types of medical professionals: optometrists and ophthalmologists. Each are highly trained specialists with their own benefits. Because they sound so similar, it can be confusing to understand who does what.

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15 Healthcare Terms You Need to Know


The words and terms used in the healthcare payments industry, for even the most experienced consumers, can seem like a foreign language. We want to make it less complicated. The better you understand the common terms thrown around in the healthcare space, the better prepared you are to secure the healthcare you deserve.

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What Goes into Healthcare Costs

healthcare costs

If you’ve received any type of healthcare treatment in your lifetime, you know the drill. You visit the doc, you get the procedure and then comes the bill. Really, you have no idea how much any of it is going to cost until you see that dreaded statement and how they came to the final amount is an even bigger mystery. So what are some of the items often seen on a billing statement?

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HealthCost: The Network for Everyone Else


The statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation and CDC speak for themselves. Too many Americans are left paying excessive costs for healthcare services. They’re either completely uninsured or they fall within a network with extremely high deductibles that force them to pay heavy out-of-pocket expenses for their healthcare needs.

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