HealthCost Networks℠ offer
access to 50 million consumers
at reimbursement rates
you determine.

Join the only network with an open healthcare marketplace. HealthCost providers can set their own rates and market their services to new patients.

How it Works

It's simple. Utilize HealthCost and experience how powerful an open healthcare market can be.

Step 1: Claim

Log in and claim your organization and practitioners (using your NPI or CCN).

Step 2: Rates

Set your own rates for each of your services and adjust the rates any time.

Step 3: Schedule

When a consumer locks in a rate, you'll receive a notification to begin scheduling.

Why Join HealthCost?

HealthCost is opening the healthcare marketplace so providers are free to set and market their HealthCost network rates and consumers are free to pick a provider and rate of their choosing. Learn more about how HealthCost can set you free: